Daryl Short, DPT, has been practicing Physical Therapy for 29 years. The focus of his practice over the past 4 years has been providing Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) to clients with work or personal injuries. He currently provides FCEs to multiple referral sources including:

  • Attorneys,
  • Employers, and
  • Insurance companies.

Daryl is certified through WorkWell Systems and uses their FCE protocol which is objective and mobile. The testing protocol includes measurements of various functional activities involving material handling and non-material handling activities.

Daryl is mobile with his testing equipment and travels throughout the state to provide testing at a location convenient for the client.

Daryl’s commitment to each client is:

  1. They will be treated with respect and fairness
  2. The testing is functional and objective
  3. The completed report will be done within 4 business days.

Other services provided are:

  • Functional Job Analysis,
  • Ergonomic Analysis in Manufacturing & Office Environments,
  • Worksite Injury Prevention & Wellness Programs
  • Health Coaching.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

The foundation of the WorkWell’s Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is the kinesiophysical approach, where the skilled medical evaluator observes body movement and control, metabolic changes, pace, psychomotor and affective behavior in one comprehensive functional evaluation.

The kinesiophysical approach is one that utilizes the medical kinesiological knowledge base of a physical therapist or occupational therapist to:

  • Identify maximum objective strength of an individual
  • Identify tolerance levels to activities based on objective physical observations
  • Utilize safe testing procedures to ensure no injuries during the testing situation; ensures the client is aware of the difference between safe and unsafe procedures.
  • Link functional deficiencies to physical cause
  • Identify submaximal efforts and the presence of self-limiting observations
  • Provide a clear objective summary report that includes therapist observations, conclusions and recommendations.

The focus of the WorkWell protocol is to determine at what functional level someone can perform functional activities in functional movement patterns during material handling and non-material handling activities.

  • To establish a comprehensive profile of the employee's ability to perform work.
  • To establish a baseline for successful rehabilitation.
  • To establish a safe physical demand classification for return to work.

Functional Job Analysis

Functional Job Analysis (FJA) is an evaluation that identifies the physical/functional aspects of work. At an advanced level, it is structured, individualized method to work categorization and description complete with recommendations.

Because there are multiple methods and uses of functional job analysis, the evaluator must:

  • Define the purpose of the specific FJA
  • outline and describe the approach used
  • Describe findings
  • Deliver summary and recommendations

Ergonomic Analysis in Manufacturing & Office Environments

The ergonomic analysis process is used to identify ergonomics risk factor and rank them in terms of risk and develop reasonable and feasible recommendations to improve health in the manufacturing and office work environments. The ergonomic analysis process is based on a fundamental knowledge of ergonomic principles and applications.

Worksite Injury Prevention & Wellness Programs

Work with employers in injury prevention programs in helping their employees understand the importance of using correct posture, lifting techniques and body mechanics and assist in developing work site stretching and strengthening programs to promote employee health and safety.

Health Coaching

Scientific research shows that having support improves your chances of getting and staying healthy. When it comes to turning healthy behaviors into habits, a Health Coach makes all the difference. Making a habit of something that’s good for you is what our Habits of Health Coaching Program is all about. Developed by Dr. Wayne Andersen, a board-certified critical care physician and author, our Habits of Health Coaching Program gives you the step-by-step process to adopt healthier eating, exercise and energy management habits and long-term results with a simple eating and activity plan and regular personal and virtual support.

For a complimentary Health Coach consultation, contact me today!

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